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Powerful Nature

Makessence was created as an alternative to conventional “natural” products, where words like: extracts, perfumes, safe synthetics are just a way for companies to hide potentially harmful chemicals in their skincare lines.


The more I learned about the ingredients in my own and my kids skincare product labels, the more I felt the urgency to create a true natural, 100% toxin free skincare line where the ingredients were clear, pure and truly natural but yet powerful, effective and gentle.


Yes I know, right about now you are thinking “if it is so bad shouldn’t be illegal?” Unfortunately NOT. So it is up to us to learn what names like parabens, phthalates, Sodium laureth/lauryl sulfates, triclosan, formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), fragance, mineral oil, etc.


Look at the back of your moisturizer right now and see if you are able to understand each and every ingredient and where they come from. If not, I invite you to click here and read our ingredient list and if you don’t understand any ingredient I will be happy to explain where it comes from and why is good for you. 

"The Earth has music for those who listen"

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies; we need to feed it properly. You are what you eat, and you reflect what you put on your skin. Did you know that the skin absorbs an average of 60% of total contaminants? And these contaminants go directly into your blood stream.


Essential Oils, the aromatic molecules of plant life, can be detected on our breath and bloodstream within minutes of application. We use specific butters and carrier oils to protect, condition and rejuvenate the skin.


Our products are oil or water base but not both in the same product. This is so we can avoid using preservatives (synthetic compounds that inhibit the bacteria growth). When you add water to an oil base product (or vice versa) you MUST HAVE a full spectrum preservative to prevent mold growth, and as there are NONE natural preservatives we just stay way from it.


Instead we have created a line of skincare products that although are oil based they wont clog your pores (making them acne/oily skin friendly) and they will improve the appearance of your skin and help you improve your overall complexion.

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