What makes Makessence different?

We are a genuinely a 100% natural company. We do not use preservatives, "safe synthetics", parabens, phthalates or other chemicalls. If you see our ingredient list, you will see they are ALL truly natural. 

Why can't I pump my cream?

To have a cream that you can pump it will need to contain water to make it thin enought to pass through the pump. Water is a great medium for bacteria to grow and multiply quickly, so, you NEED a preservative. Now there are NO true natural preservatives. The companies that tout their products as being all natural will ALL contain SOME form of preservative that may be derived from nature, but have been refin or process to the point that they are no longer truly all natural. Grapefruit seed extract is a good example.  It sounds very natural, but it's not. Some oils like rosemary, have natural antibacterial properties, but none are strong enough. Some oils, like vitamin E, are antioxidants and will help keep the oils in the lotion from going rancid, but they do not prevent bacteria growth.

Expiration Date?

Our creams are good for 1 year from the date that they were made and our face toner are good for 6 months. As our products are handcrafted individually for each order most likekly you will finish your products well before they loose their potency.

Why don't you keep a stock?

We like to make our products fresh from scratch so that we can prolong their shelf live and keep all their natural properties at full potencial without the need of chemicals, so that our costumers can get all the benefits!! This way we can also customize certain aspects of our products to suit your needs.

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