At Makessence, we believe in Natural Beauty.  All of our products are handmade with 100% natural ingredients that you know and love, ingredients that can only be found in nature.  Hi my name is Lena and I am a mother of 2 beautiful boys, and I believe that everyone, especially the kids, deserve to grow up in a healthy environment.  


I believe if it does not come naturally, it should not be use on my family.  This is what I call Natural Beauty.  Many of you may already know that most creams on the market today are Not made with 100% natural ingredients.  I was surprise to find out that even the most well-known companies use colorants, additives and fillers in their products and market those products to us and our families as being good to use and safe to put on our skin.


Makessence started when I was pregnant with my first child.  I have discovered healthier does not always mean healthy, just as better than bad does not always translate to good.  I was looking for a healthy alternative to the engineered products on the market.  I wanted to find products that are made with ingredients that I can understand and pronunciate but most importantly, I wanted to find products that aren't harmful to me and my family.  This was why I started making my own products.


As a mother of two, I founded my company Makessence based on the very same principles I cherish for my own family.  All our products are handmade with 100% natural ingredients. There are no artificial chemicals, fillers or toxins in our products.  They are 100% safe and natural, and my family and friends love using them.


My pursuit of a healthy lifestyle for my family has led me to rethink everything that I have grown up knowing.  I have gained many valuable insights through my journey.  I have learnt how our diet not only fuels our body but how it affects our skin, and how our surroundings can affect us on an emotional and cellular level.  


Our goal is to help inspire everyone to find the same for themselves and their families.  Please connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter (#makessence.ca).

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