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Spice up your parties with a natural and fun learning experience. Mak Parties is a fun party oriented version of our workshop. Can be customize to suit different age groups, from toddlers to grandparents, and different budgets. Whatever your guests make they will take it with them, so no more thinking of what to do as party favours or loot bags. BE DIFFERENT, you have a chance to not only do something fun, but to promote natural, good for you and eco-friendly activities for you and your love ones.

In our classes you will how to use natural ingredients like natural carrier oils, essential oils, butters, natural emulsifiers, preservatives and we will also be talking about different types of ingredients for different types of skin. Upon completion of the 2-hours class you will take with you the samples that you have created. 


Classes have a minimum of 5 students per class and a maximum of 10. All materials and supplies are provided for the class. Makessence classes are a perfect for birthdays, bridal showers, or just for friends to hang out together and do something different.


** Please note:  Being that there is a risk involved with making lotion, including using heat elements, allergic reactions to ingredients, etc; a waiver must be sign by all the students prior to the class that excludes Makessence and/or the instructors from all liability.**


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