VIDA rejuvenating face serum


VIDA is a unique blend of oils that will help to rejuvenate, firm and replenish your skin for a radiant healthy glow.  The vitamin C antioxidants found in rose hip oil help stimulate collagen production. It also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The oil can penetrate due to the vitamin A, which has small enough molecules to go deeper into the skin. Vitamin A improves the skin’s moisture levels and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Evening Primrose Oil is a rich source of gamma linoleic acid, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are reputed to fight the effects of aging. Argan Oil is believed to contain twice as much vitamin E as olive oil. It is said to contain saponins, which helps to soften the skin and restore the skin’s water lipid layer, thereby minimizing wrinkles, helping the skin to maintain a youthful, glowing appearance.


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